Liver Elastography Ultrasound Evaluations

We are pleased to announce that Pueblo Radiology is now able to perform liver elastography evaluations. Liver fibrosis and cirrhosis affect millions of people worldwide. While the gold standard for diagnosis is a liver biopsy, it can be uncomfortable and is higher risk for the patient. The relatively small tissue sample, can impact accuracy. Ultrasound

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Pueblo Radiology Launches New Website!

We are happy to announce the launch of our new and improved website! Over the past year we have gathered patient and staff feedback, and analyzed our previous site in order to provide former and future patients with an easier way to learn about our services online. Some features we have added include: appointment preps

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Radiology Trends in 2015

With the New Year upon us, many predict exciting advances for medical imaging. From improved and efficient health systems to advancing patient interest, 2015 may shape up to be our best year yet! Below, you can find a summary of what Diagnostic Imaging and Medical Imaging Talk predict for Radiology in 2015: Lung Cancer Low

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FDA Discourages ‘Fetal Keepsake’ Ultrasound Videos

The recent trend of creating video keepsakes of your unborn child via Ultrasound does not come completely risk-free, the FDA pronounced this week. The FDA has released a consumer update strongly urging pregnant women to adhere from creating Ultrasound keepsake videos, as the use of ultrasound devices “by trained healthcare providers is important” and necessary

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