MRI shows brain injury in nearly half of ex-NFL players

MRI shows brain injury in nearly half of ex-NFL players By Wayne Forrest, staff writer April 11, 2016 — Researchers have found signs of traumatic brain injury (TBI) on diffusion-tensor MR images (DTI-MRI) in nearly half of a small group of retired NFL players, according to a study...

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Quit Smoking

It’s difficult to quit smoking, but you can do it! Pueblo Radiology believes in taking control of your health. Speak to your doctor whether a CT screen is right for you. Screening for some types of cancer has reduced deaths by early detection and treatment.

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Pueblo Radiology and UC Berkeley Team Up

Pueblo Radiology participates in a program where we invite students from UC Berkeley to spend up to a week with us during the intersession break. These are students interested in a career in medicine or the related sciences. Francesca Zhoufan Li was our student this year. She is a...

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Beware of Hidden Mammogram Lies

“Mammography is adequate for women without dense breast tissue,” says Judy Dean, M.D., a leading radiologist who specializes in breast imaging. But for women with very dense breasts, she tells Health Radar: “There’s an 18-times higher risk of having a cancer missed by mammography.”

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Liver Elastography

Liver Elastography Ultrasound Evaluations

We are pleased to announce that Pueblo Radiology is now able to perform liver elastography evaluations. Liver fibrosis and cirrhosis affect millions of people worldwide. While the gold standard for diagnosis is a liver biopsy, it can be uncomfortable and is higher risk for the patient. The relatively small...

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