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Santa Barbara Women’s Imaging Center

Find addresses, phone numbers and maps to our


[dt_sc_full_width first][dt_sc_h1 class=””]Outpatient Imaging Centers[/dt_sc_h1][dt_sc_hr_invisible_small /][/dt_sc_full_width][dt_sc_one_third first][dt_sc_h2 class=””]Pueblo Radiology[/dt_sc_h2][dt_sc_address line1=”2320 Bath Street, Suite 113   ” line2=”Santa Barbara, CA 93105″ line3=”” line4=”” /][dt_sc_phone phone=”805.682.7744″ /][dt_sc_fax fax=”805.682.3321″ /][dt_sc_hr_invisible_small /][dt_sc_h5 class=””]Monday through Friday – 8:00am to 6:00pm[/dt_sc_h5][/dt_sc_one_third][dt_sc_two_third ] [/dt_sc_two_third][dt_sc_full_width first][dt_sc_hr /][/dt_sc_full_width][dt_sc_one_third first][dt_sc_h2 class=””]Pueblo Radiology MRI Center[/dt_sc_h2][dt_sc_address line1=”2320 Bath St. Suite 113A” line2=”Santa Barbara, CA 93105″ line3=”” line4=”” /][dt_sc_phone phone=” 805.682.7744″ /][dt_sc_fax fax=”805.682.3321″ /][dt_sc_hr_invisible_small /][dt_sc_h5 class=””]Monday through Friday – 7:00am to 7:00pm; Saturday – 8:00am – 4:00pm[/dt_sc_h5][/dt_sc_one_third][dt_sc_two_third ] [/dt_sc_two_third][dt_sc_full_width first][dt_sc_hr /][/dt_sc_full_width][dt_sc_one_third first][dt_sc_h2 class=””]Santa Barbara Women’s Imaging Center[/dt_sc_h2][dt_sc_address line1=”2320 Bath Street Suite 211″ line2=” Santa Barbara, CA 93105 ” line3=”” line4=”” /][dt_sc_phone phone=”805.560.8111″ /][dt_sc_fax fax=”805.560.6900″ /][dt_sc_web url=”” /][dt_sc_hr_invisible_small /][dt_sc_h5 class=””]Monday through Friday – 8:00am to 5:00pm[/dt_sc_h5][/dt_sc_one_third][dt_sc_two_third ] [/dt_sc_two_third][dt_sc_full_width first][dt_sc_hr /][dt_sc_callout_box type=”type3″ link=”” button_text=”Click Here” target=”_self” class=””]

Find addresses, phone numbers and maps to our


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