We are pleased to announce that Pueblo Radiology is now able to perform liver elastography evaluations.

Liver ElastographyLiver fibrosis and cirrhosis affect millions of people worldwide. While the gold standard for diagnosis is a liver biopsy, it can be uncomfortable and is higher risk for the patient. The relatively small tissue sample, can impact accuracy. Ultrasound elastography is a non-invasive procedure for assessing liver status. It provides the information necessary for physicians to determine the liver stiffness and fibrotic changes, which will help your doctor with your
treatment plan.

This quantitative ultrasound measurement is useful in the assessment of chronic liver disease and in some cases can be in lieu of biopsy in terms of defining therapy. The examination requires no patient preparation, and appointments can be arranges by calling our scheduling staff Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm.

As with other imaging exams, we need a written order and would appreciate any relevant clinical information at the time of setting the appointment. This test is generally not covered by insurance carriers at this time, and we are charging $300 for the examination.

The liver elastography evaluation is currently being done as a “stand-alone” test. If you need additional evaluations, i.e. CT scanning, ultrasound, or MRI, we will need an additional written order. (For convenience, it is generally possible to schedule an abdominal ultrasound and elastography exam at the same visit.)

Please do not hesitate to contact Pueblo Radiology if you have any questions. (805) 682-7744