Joint Injections

The point where two bones connect in your body is called a joint. When these areas are damaged due to disease or injury it can cause a lot of pain and inflammation. When your body is injured, its natural response is to bring extra blood to the area as it tries to replace damaged cells. […]

Vascular Disease: Why You Should be Screened

Vascular disease occurs when your blood vessels are narrowed, blocked, or weakened, making it harder for blood to move through your veins. Most people are aware of cardiovascular disease (also known as heart disease) and how problems with your blood vessels can lead to a heart attack, but that is only one type of vascular […]

The Newest and Most Advanced Imaging Services

At Pueblo Radiology, we provide the newest and most advanced imaging services. Find specifics about each modality we specialize in including what to expect, frequently asked questions and appointment preps.