Mammography, improved breast cancer care saved as many as 614K lives in US since 1989

WELCOME TO PUEBLO RADIOLOGY MEDICAL GROUP For over fifty years, we have been dedicated to providing top-quality medical imaging services in a professional, compassionate, and timely manner for our patients, referring physicians, and hospital affiliates. [dt_sc_hr_invisible] [dt_sc_callout_box type=”type4″ button_text=”Learn More” link=’’ ] COVID-19 Update effective November 1, 2021 Pueblo Radiology Medical Group is continuing to […]

Joint Injections

The point where two bones connect in your body is called a joint. When these areas are damaged due to disease or injury it can cause a lot of pain and inflammation. When your body is injured, its natural response is to bring extra blood to the area as it tries to replace damaged cells. […]

Quit Smoking

It’s difficult to quit smoking, but you can do it! Pueblo Radiology believes in taking control of your health. Speak to your doctor whether a CT screen is right for you. Screening for some types of cancer has reduced deaths by early detection and treatment.

Tomosynthesis the Future of Mammography

[dt_sc_full_width first]   Tomosynthesis the Future of Mammography 3D X-Rays Will Help Detect Early Breast Cancer Thursday, August 6, 2015 by JACQUELINE BERCI   “One in every eight women will get breast cancer. The idea is screening to look for early disease,” said Winifred Leung, M.D., of Santa Barbara Women’s Imagining Center. Tomosynthesis, a 3D breast screening, was […]