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Gratitude & Praise

Women united against breast cancer

Dear Winifred Leung, M.D and SB Women’s Imaging Center Team,

I walked in the door, certain I was at the wrong location. I asked the front desk for Pueblo Radiology’s location, and they kindly assured me that I was in the right location for an ultrasound of my breast. “Really?” I asked.

I was in awe of the sleek finishes of designer floorings, soft paint colors, spectacularly framed artwork, a tasteful logo, and perfectly designed sign. It wasn’t a cold and uninviting space, that is so often commonplace in health, especially in imaging facilities. I was then called back and greeted by my tech and brought to my personal dressing room. Wonderful drapes framed an adorable chair, racks of magazines, and a neatly folded gown, a beautiful sage green robe, adorned with stitching of the logo and the most delicate touch of a rouched back, creating a lovely cinch around my waist. Here I was preparing for imaging of a painful lump in my breast, but I felt like royalty, relishing in the luxurious surroundings.

The purposefully beautiful environment struck my attention, but it quickly became a backdrop for the most spectacular point of pride – the people. From Aurora at the front desk to the techs (I wish I knew their names!) and Dr. Leung, I found peace in their top-tier care, attentiveness, and sense of urgency to provide full and complete care. Even the simple gesture of the tech putting her hand on my leg, during my biopsy, giving me a sense of security, when I didn’t even realize I needed it. Dr. Leung asked me about my daughter and shared about her children, showing me she cared for not only my health but my whole life. Every person took the time to explain every step from a procedure, to scheduling appointments and follow up. I felt that every person was my advocate, like an old friend, and the best in their field – and it sure seemed like they also loved being there and found joy in serving their patients. I hope my kudos reaches everyone on staff, including those that directly served me. My praise is theirs. I hold deep gratitude for my experience.

Thank you!

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Kim Kelley