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Billing and Insurance

Pueblo Radiology will bill your insurance carrier under California Managed Imaging Medical Group. Please do not disregard phone calls or correspondence related to this name and recognize our billing agent is Collaborative Imaging. You may contact them at 805-250-7559 or our local office in Santa Barbara at 805-682-7744 option #4 or via e-mail at billing@puebloradiology.com.

Our Policy

Healthcare billing is complex. Co-pays, high deductibles, co-insurance, and ever-changing plan benefits can be confusing and frustrating. In order to make your billing experience as easy as possible, we will run your eligibility verification prior to your visit at our office using the insurance company we have on file for you. We will determine your level of coverage and ask for an estimated portion of the payment at the time of your service. For your convenience, we will call you the day prior to your exam to notify you of the estimated out-of-pocket expense. Following your appointment, we will submit a claim to your insurance company, and bill you for any remaining amount due for our services. If you are without insurance, please call our offices to ask for our cash prices.


What you need to know about your insurance/benefits prior to your visit at Pueblo Radiology:

Our scheduling staff will collect your insurance information when scheduling your appointment.

Our benefits coordinators will run your insurance eligibility 48 hours prior to your appointment. We will calculate your out of pocket payment which will be collected at the time of service. The payment Pueblo Radiology will collect is the amount your insurance says is your responsibility. The amount collected will include deductibles, co-payment, and co-insurance.

A member of our patient services staff will confirm your appointment 24 hours in advance. At this time, if there is a payment due you will be notified.

To find out whether your insurance is contracted with us, please call your insurance company and use California Managed Imaging Medical’s Tax ID #30-0449168

For patients of Santa Barbara Women’s Imaging Center, please refer to their website, as they have separately contracted insurances.


I have received a statement from Collaborative imaging and have concerns about the balance, what should I do now?
My statement says I owe money, what options do I have for paying my bill?
I do not have internet, what other options do I have to pay?
Why does Pueblo Radiology want me to pay my estimated responsibility at the time service?
What if I want to pay in cash for my exam?
I just received a pre-collect notice. How many bills do you send and what should I do now?
I do not have insurance and cannot afford to pay for my services in full at my appointment. What can you do for me?

Billing or Insurance Questions?

Please contact us directly using the information provided or simply fill out a contact form. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.

Brenda Pentecost

Patient Accounts Manager

Pueblo Radiology Medical Group

Phone : 805.682.7744 x2095

Fax : 805.682.3321

Email : bpentecost@puebloradiology.com


Phone : Hours: M-F from 7 to 4pm

Phone : 805-250-7559

Email : puebloradbilling@collaborativeimaging.com

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